Hello, I'm Jim Olsen, author of InHisVerse Bible, InHisVerse.com??and this website. I have a heart to teach the wonderful news of Jesus Christ and am using these outlets to spread what I consider to be the most fascinating aspect of life on earth; that God wants to live, breathe and walk??within us. I'm using a fairly unique way to share these insights: Original Greek word studies.

Since 2017, I've been hosting a weekly Facebook live stream called 'Growing To Worship.' It was born out of what I see as a big need in today's Christianity; a lack of time applying scripture to our daily life. My live stream typically takes a single verse and wraps it around six other verses. After teaching on a verse, there's a time of worship, where we sing and consider how the message affects our lives. I go on to pray for all requests and also present the Gospel in a simple way each week.

As I said before, Biblical Greek word studies is fairly unique way of teaching. Because humans are??not involved in cross-referencing and analyzing which verses flow together, it tends to be much less doctrinal, much more centered on the truth found in the Bible. I hope to create a spark in Christian teaching, where the Bible's underlying words and meanings come out of hiding and more truth, hidden in how the original language was used,??is revealed.

As of this writing, InHisVerseStudies.com is a solo work of the author, Jim Olsen. Please acknowledge www.InHisVerseStudies.com as a source if you reference this material.

May the Lord richly bless you.